Jelly Bean’s Multi-User Functionality Shown On Video

XDA member zanderman112 has found out how to create multiple user accounts on Android 4.1(Jelly Bean).Earlier,developers had uncovered an unused code which could be used to create multiple user accounts in Android.This unannounced ability of Android 4.1 has now been exposed by zanderman112.

The method requires Android 4.1(Jelly Bean),root access and terminal emulator.The first command to be entered in the emulator is “su” and after that type in the following command:

pm create-user test

The above command will create an user account named “test”.This account can be accessed by holding the power button and selecting the newly created “test” user account.

Another user Roodborstje pointed out that the second account did not have most of the data from the primary user which includes:

– photo’s
– unlocked levels in Angry Birds
– music
– contacts
– google account
– clipboard
– home screen

With a few exceptions:

– all the apps are there, as if they were just installed
– the recent apps menu
– the use-app-as-default-setting (I don’t know the official name). For example: if you set Apex as default in the Guest account, it will also be default in the primary account.
– your messages (!)

The developer has also pointed out that the second user has a limited settings screen having only these:


Forum member cdesai also submitted a patch to AOSP tweaking the way multiple users were handled,but his change was rejected.

A Google developer also responded to the patch with this statement:

“Multi-user feature is not ready for deployment. Bad things will happen if you use it in its current state!”

With the multiple user code coming from Google itself,we might expect this feature to come in future builds of Android.