Review:Samsung YA-BS300 Bluetooth Speakers

For little over a month I have been using the Samsung YA-BS300 bluetooth speaker as a replacement for the built-in speaker of my iPad.After a lot of heavy usage,today I present to you my review of the Samsung YA-BS300 bluetooth speakers.

First impressions:

When I first saw the Samsung YA-BS300 speakers,I was really impressed with how compact and light it was.The compact size of this device makes it easy to carry around for people who are always on the go.The device is 3.75” in length by 1.75” in height and .5” in thickness.The front and back of the device are metal which provides a certain level of durability to it.The front side of the device has speakers on the left and right,two LED’s in the middle and a phone button right below them.

On the top,you will find a power,play/pause, back/forward, volume up/down, and the DNSe button.The right side of the device has a line-in jack while the left has a DC charging port.

The Samsung YA-BS300 box also comes with an AUX cable,stand and a USB charger.


  • The Samsung YA-BS300 is capable of pairing with any bluetooth enabled device like your smartphone and tablet.
  • The volume buttons on the help in adjusting the sound of the speaker.
  • DNSe settings include a 3D sound mode, a Bass Boost mode, and a combined 3D & Bass Boost mode.
  • The speaker can also double up as a speaker phone as the calling button lets you directly answer calls from the speaker itself.
  • Lasts 4 hours on continuous usage.

Audio Quality:

You will not find anything extraordinary with the audio quality of the device but it’s quite capable of replacing the low-volume speaker of your tablet or smartphone.The sound is quite crisp but the DNSe settings do not produce any remarkable results.One of the best features of the YA-BS300 is the ability to forward/back songs.It is one of the most useful features of the speaker.

The speaker is also quite good for handsfree calls.The compact size of the YA-BS300 also makes it a great choice for a in-car handsfree accessory.



  • Compact and easy to carry.
  • Can act as a replacement for your low-volume tablet speakers.


  • Average sound quality.
  • DNSe settings have little effect on the sound quality.

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